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Meet the Sex Pissed Dolls...

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"You better believe it! Punk is still alive and kicking and that night it had even more with long hair, lipstick, ripped fishnets and a bucket load of attitude!"

Art Noise Events

"The Queens of Noise, will shock you, they will grab you, shake you and make you rock and roll. They will mess you up leaving your ears buzzing and feet aching. What’s not to like?"

Scene Sussex

“Over an hour of breathless, relentless punk rock performed by a band who manage to cram all the best bits of the seventies and eighties while at the same time bringing in their own breath of fresh air.”

Inverness Gigs

"Enigmatic lead vocalist Nancy Doll, prowls the edge of the stage whilst orchestrating the madness all night long. The band’s energy does not subside at any point in their high octane performance."

Adam Kennedy, National Rock Review

“I would give Sex Pissed Dolls a 5 out of 5 I have seen similar bands before but these do it to the next couple of levels”

Project Metal Music

"They are undeniably entertaining, they have a magnetic appeal that is all their own, they are all fabulous, and boy, can play their instruments! Every time I have seen a show from these guys their tear it up as if their very lives depended on it."

Scene Sussex



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