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Electra Rose

Meet the newest addition to the Dolls, Electra Rose - named after none other than Axl Rose and…the musical Cats. Electra first picked up the guitar aged 12, learning everything from classical to death metal under a strict virtuosic teacher. Although she’s never one to pigeonhole herself to a genre, Electra’s true musical love is punk after being introduced to the Stranglers and the Clash by her father when she was young. She says she’ll never forget how she felt when the iconic bass intro of No More Heroes kicked in and describes playing what will be her first gig with the Dolls on the same lineup as The Stranglers as ‘one of the highlights of her life.’ 


A lover of all things bold and glam, Electra’s first choice axe is a Kramer Vintage Pacer in nothing less than bright orange tiger print which she pairs with a somewhat more muted all-black Marshall stack for a high gain screamer of a rig. The cat theme is not only evident in Electra’s musical life, she is also the mother of a Sphynx kitten called Bones and will debate to the death that Michelle Pfeiffer is the best Catwoman (her face is proudly tattooed on her right leg).

Favourite song of the set to play?
Sound of the Suburbs

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