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Jilly Idol has been playing with Nancy and The Dolls since 2014, and absolutely loves playing in the band! She was a late comer to her instrument only learning bass guitar 7 years ago, and is totally self taught. Jilly loves the enjoyment of entertaining on stage and feeling the energy of playing with a live band.

The first record she bought was ‘Brass in Pocket’ by ''The Pretenders', but she then became a fan of the new romantic era, especially loving 'Duran Duran'. One of her favourite bass players is John Taylor and she’s not scared to admit she once had a crush on him too! Following on from the new romantic era she started to enjoy bands such as 'Madness' and from that started to enjoy punk music. Music generally leads to further discoveries and from there she started to appreciate bands like 'Pink Floyd', 'Yes', 'Metallica' and 'Guns n Roses.' Jilly is definitely a rock chick at heart.

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Her favourite band at the moment is 'Shinedown'. 'I connect with so many of their songs and they always put a smile on my face', she explains.

Jilly plays an Ibanez HR Giger signature model and a Gibson Thunderbird. Her Thunderbird and Nancy often butt heads on gigs so Nancy always feels better when she arrives with her Ibanez!

Jilly would love to be mentored by Geddy Lee from 'Rush' for his melodic and complex bass lines or Steve Harris from 'Iron Maiden' for his speed and energy.

Favourite song in the set to play?

Psycho Killer!

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