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Kitty Vacant played her first gig with Nancy and the Dolls in 2017, closing the Camden Rocks festival afterparty at KOKO, London.  It was her first ever live performance at the age of 17, describing it as a 'baptism by fire!'.  She had such a great time depping guitar with the girls that she later joined them at the Isle of Wight Festival a few days later after an invite to hang out some more... she became a permanent member later that summer and has loved every moment of the journey!

Kitty first picked up the guitar at the age of 6, receiving classical fingerstyle tuition for a few years. She received her first electric guitar at the age of 12 and hasn't looked back since!


Kitty is currently finishing her studies at the Academy of Contemporary  Music, and afterwards aspires to dive into production, songwriting and media composition. Although a rock chick at heart she loves to explore all sorts of  music, from Jazz to Pop, Neo-Soul to Metal, RNB to Funk. 


(For the fellow guitar nerds!)  Kitty rocks an LTD EC1000 on stage with the Dolls, however otherwise can often be spotted with her Mexican Fender Stratocaster. She'll play through her Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 12 or BOSS Katana 2x12, although enjoys occasionally blasting through a fat Marshall Stack at festivals. Her effects mainly come from the Eventide H9, as with the moody echoes at the start of Psycho Killer. 

Some of Kitty's highlights with the band include performing in Amsterdam, and Prague- she loves to travel so is super excited to sun it up in Valenica in October! 


"Performing a rocked up version of 'Amarillo' with Tony Christie was one of the most  surreal experiences, I'm always amazed by the incredible opportunities and people that I meet through this band... there's so much love for fellow members and everyone working behind the scenes, its the best feeling to share the stage with your friends... all the girls are incredible people and musicians, both on stage and off!"

Favourite song to play:

Hanging on the Telephone

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