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Nancy has been performing with the Dolls since 2014 and describes performing in the band as being 'like a therapy session sometimes'. Life can be hectic or tricky at times and Nancy has explained how she channels any negativity into Nancy on stage, and turns it into something powerfully positive.

Nancy has been performing since she was a small child, her first audiences being every child on the local street who came to watch her sing on her mums kitchen stool.


I was always a bit of show off to be honest, I must have peed off most of my friends

Nancy’s father was a double bass player, who she explains was a huge influence to her and that she wishes he had still been alive to see her in the Dolls. Her brother is a singer and her great grandma used to sing on the streets for money when her husband lost his job- So music runs deep in her blood! All sorts of music could be heard blasting  in the family home from Jazz, Rock and Punk to Classical, Rap and Country.


As she got older Nancy studied music, theatre and dance at Salford College where she fine tuned her skills; later discovering the nightlife of Manchester. Visiting many different types of clubs, from goth to indie and dance music she felt many more different musical influences seeping into her life.

Over the years Nancy has played solo and toured with a twelve piece band, but she finally came home when the Dolls were formed.

I can’t explain how good it feels to perform with these girls’ she says.

‘The energy we create on that stage could light up Manchester for a year! Every girl always gives it 110% and it feels like an honour and privilege to play with such talented musicians.’

Favourite song of the set to play?

Holiday In Cambodia.

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